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Can I have a test look at your software?


Yes, you can!

1. You can download our software here: SRS Samsung unlock software installer
2. Then run the installer, we recommend to download the SRS software and the Samsung drivers in the installer for full experience of our software before buying
3. After installation go to: Start - All Programs - Simlock Remote Client (or on older Windows versions: start - Program files - Simlock Remote Client) and run the 'SRS Samsung Remote Unlock Client'
4. Use the following login:
Username: 'test'
Password: 'srscom'
5. Now have a look around in our software!

Did you know?
That you can remove user lock (also known as: user code, user lock, pattern lock, security code, phone lock) completely for free! Of course you still need a cable (for pattern unlock you need a special FTDI usb cable) but it is 100% free with the above mentioned login!

This phone lock, is a 5 - 8 digit code which is set by the user (standard 00000 or 12345). This is NOT a simlock.

Besides phone lock reset, we have 2 more HOT functions 100% free:
- Free product Code change
- Free BaseBand Repair

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