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What are the System Requirements for SRS to work?


We recommend Windows XP pro SP2 or Windows 7 Pro, but other Windows XP versions will also work without problems.

Our solution does also work on Windows Vista but we do not recommend this as Vista is a very bad OS and it can give you difficulty with installing the drivers. When using Vista it's also important to run our software as 'administrator' by right clicking the .exe, choose 'run as' and then choose 'administrator'.

Windows 7 special notes:
Win7 is better then Windows Vista (a lot better) however it still has some annoyances. You should always make sure that when you install our software you run it as 'administrator' and also when you start the software run it as 'administrator (by 'right mouse click the software and then choose 'run as administrator' ). Also less then Vista Win7 sometimes still things it has the correct drivers but in reality it doesn't. This happens mostly with QXDM unlock models in this case installing and selecting the drivers must be done manually.

Other supported operating systems:
Windows 98 (with VB runtimes installed)
Windows NT (with VB runtimes installed)
Windows 2000 (with VB runtimes installed)

Technical specifications:
Min. 128mb internal memory
Min 128k Up and Download stable internet connection

*When unlocking Samsung 3G models do NOT use a 3G modem and uninstall any software related with 3G modems. These conflict with the drivers used for unlocking

**64 Bit Systems are supported for 3G unlocking due to a QXDM driver update however it is NOT recommended as some people still experience trouble with 64bit systems. Other models are NOT supported on 64 bit Systems!

*** When unlocking Android models you might need to disable your anti-virus scanner before installing our software and during the unlock process. To automatically root Android phones (which is always needed for unlocking) a file is used which is marked as exploit by some Anti-virus software. This is correct it is an exploit, for Android to get Root rights. It doesn't do ANYTHING on your computer.

Incompatible software
Software that can conflict with our software while unlocking. If you have any of this software we highly recommend to uninstall it before unlocking / repairing:
-Any software that comes with 3G (USB) modems (fast internet via 3G dial up USB modems)
-Samsung PC studio / KIES software
-Microsoft Active Sync
-Windows Defender (worthless software anyway)
-iTunes connector (*only in some rare cases)
-Nokia Suite (*only in some rare cases)

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