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SRS client software does not start and not giving any errors?!


If it takes a (very) long time for our client software to start (or it looks like it is not starting at all without errors) have a look at the following points:

- If you have multiple Bluetooth ports on your computer this causes massive delays because these ports take a long time to react.
- If you have strict firewalls it might block our software from downloading the latest list of supported Samsung phones
- Your internet connection is very slow, which causes the downloading of the list of all supported phones to be slow. You have to have min 128kb up and download to use our service.

Go to 'Start' -> 'Settings' -> 'Control panel' -> 'System' -> 'Hardware tab' -> 'Device manager (button)'.

Now press '+' at 'Ports (Com & LPT)'. If you see multiple instances of 'BT port' disable them by right clicking the port and then choose 'Disable'. Then press 'ok'. NOTE: if you disable them all you won't be able to connect via Bluetooth anymore, 1 or 2 BT ports should be enough though.

Disable your firewalls or allow our software in your firewall. Don't forget the Windows built-in firewall (although normally this one should not give any trouble).

Slow internet
Disable any downloads running (such as torrent clients or update services) and try again.

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