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Making a ram dump of your Samsung


Warning; please only use this software when instructed by support.

In case of new just released firmwares where Samsung updated simlock security sometimes it is needed to make a ram dump of the phone so the SRS programmer can analyse it to add support for the new firmware. Here are instructions for making such a ramdump

1. Set phone in QXDM mode as normal with unlocking (*#782872#)
2. Connect Samsung mobile phone with supported cable
3. Open: Start -> Programs -> Simlock Remote Client -> SRS Samsung RamDumper
4. Set port to your Diagport (under "ports (Com & LPT)" in your device manager) (rescan should work also)
5. Platform: Qualcomm
6. Start Addr: 00600000 Note; Ask support for start address first!
7. Size: 00100000 check with Support for size also
8. Click 'read rampdump'

This process should NEVER take longer then 30 minutes. If it does the rampdumper can't find data and ranges are not correct for your phone. You can stop de process when you want in this case and let us know.

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