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Failed to read memory with 'phone freeze' phones


Solution 1 (without simcard):
1. Prepare phone (qxdm mode, PC studio mode etc, see manual)
2. Put phone in simlock menu by typing *#7465625# (leave it here)
3. Then connect cable
4. Open soft, set com ports and hit 'read unlock codes'

If you still have same error try:
Solution 2 (without simcard):
1. without sim, place phone in correct mode (QXDM, PC studio mode etc)
2. Turn off phone, put other simcard
3. start phone (enter pin if needed)
4. phone display 'phone freeze'
5. now connect phone
6. open software
7. Manually set and check QXDM com ports
8. Read unlock codes

Please make sure you have followed the normal manual for your phone before trying these problem solutions.

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