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I'm getting an error when trying to unlock / repair what to do?


Well if you haven't done so please read our manual very carefully: SRS unlock / repair manual and please don't skip any steps because you think you already know that part of the manual. 95% of the problems can be solved by just reading all steps carefully and following them.

If you did this and you still have trouble please have a look at: Check drivers. Sometimes it happens our SRS software detects the needed drivers on the wrong com ports and they need to be set manually to the correct port numbers.

If you still have trouble after doing all of the above please open a support ticket using the link bellow and give support the following information:
- Your SRS username
- Model you are trying to unlock and which cable you are using (Original Samsung USB cable, Serial cable, FTDI USB cable)
- Which Operating System you are using (Windows XP (pro), Vista etc. See; 'Start' -> 'Settings' -> 'Control Panel' ('Switch to Classic View') -> 'System' if you don't know)
- The step in the manual where it went wrong. Please describe in as much detail what did happen (or didn't happen; screenshots are always very useful)
- Copy the log from your unlock / repair attempt in the white log screen from the SRS software to us (if you lost this you can find it at c:\program files\Simlock Remote Client\operations.log)

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