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Can't enter unlock codes


If you have any trouble entering the Samsung unlock codes we have send you with the Simlock Remote Server unlock by IMEI service first make sure you have read .

If none of the methods described at the above mentioned page work and you are looking for an answer please read on.

Most common problem
The most common problem is that people don't realize is that their phone is in so called 'phone freeze'. Unlocking a Samsung is not possible without unfreezing the phone first. Please follow the instruction on how to unfreeze first on the above mentioned page.

If your phone is 100% not in freeze mode and there is simply no way to enter the unlock codes, for example on I9100 (Galaxy SII) locked in a Latin American country, and phone is asking for 'Network code' (NCK). It could be your firmware is branded by your provider and they have disabled the option to enter the unlock codes in your phone's firmware. We have seen this with Claro in a few Latin American countries. In Europe this is illegal for the providers to do but apparently in Lating America these rules don't apply. Only solution for this problem is to flash your phone with a non branded firmware.

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