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How to enter unlock & unfreeze codes in my Samsung?


Instructions on how to enter unlock codes on your Samsung. Please read the instructions carefully.

Please turn off your WiFi and and make sure no cable is connected to the phone

More information:

In case the general unlock method shown above does NOT work for you please read all the following information carefully and follow the instructions. Note if you bought the T-Mobile USA unlock by Android app product Click here!

The different locks:

Network / NCK: Network lock
Provider / SPCK: Service Provider Lock
SubProvider / PCK: Provider lock
(DE)FREEZE / MCK: Unfreeze code
Extra / RGCK: Region unlock code *NEW

All codes are 8 digits long and are unique to your phone.

Troubleshooting method 1:

If screen looks like step 2 from general method try entering unlock codes in following order:

  1. Enter MCK (unfreeze code) and click 'unlock'
  2. Now enter RGCK (region unlock code) and click 'unlock' (*IF available)
  3. Now enter NCK (network lock) and click 'unlock'
  4. Now enter SPCK (SP lock) and click 'unlock' (*IF available)
  5. Now enter PCK and click 'unlock' (*IF available)

If this did not solve your problem or is not applicable to your situation continue reading.

Troubleshooting method 2

if phone only shows "Insert Correct SIM Card"

  1. Switch ON your phone with a not Accepted SIM Card
  2. Type: #0111*UNLOCKCODE#
    (Note you need to replace 'UNLOCKCODE' with the numbers of your Network unlock code and when entering your unlock code the numbers will NOT be visible but show '-')

Troubleshooting method 3

  1. Power on without SIM
  2. Type in #7465625*638*MCKCODE# (where 'MCK CODE' is your 8 digit unfree code, and digits will show as '-')
  3. Type in #7465625*638*REGIONCODE# (where REGIONCODE is your 8 digit RGCK region unlock code *IF available)
  4. Type in #7465625*638*NCKCODE# (where NCKCODE is your 8 digit NCK unlock code)

Troubleshooting alternative methods

Some phones have special instructions and tricks in case unlock codes are not accepted or if above methods did not work.

Please try them in the order as displayed here:

  1. First alternative method -click here-
  2. 2nd alternative method -click here- 
  3. 3rd alternative method -click here- 
  4. 4rd alternative method -click here-
  5. CDMA only: CDMA unlock code instructions


Region lock information

If your phone is region locked you need to remove this first. A region lock is activated if you buy a phone in one region (e.g. Europe) and take it to another region (e.g. USA) without first using the original provider for 5 minutes (calling any number). Most new phones with Android 4.3 or higher come with region lock and you can also recognize it from the following sticker on the box of the phone: click here to see sticker image.

To deactivate the region lock enter the code next to 'Extra' from the codes we provided when the phone asks for 'Network Unlock Pin'

Unfreeze instructions

1. put non accepted simcard inside phone
2. start phone
3. (enter pin if set)
4. phone shows 'phone freeze' message
5. (If you have touch screen only model: hit call button)
6. Enter unfreeze code

Important: the digits entered will not be displayed on the phone's screen.
Important 2: On some phones you need to confirm the unfreeze code by hitting '#' button after the last digit of your unfreeze code

Importante note: there is a free method going around doing NV Rebuild using some codes, if you have used this method it is very likely non of the above methods work for you. If you did this talk to support to find a solution. You will need to flash the phone. No refund will be provided in this case.

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