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CDMA Enter unlock codes


We also offer Sprint and Verizon unlocking by code via a special unlock by codes service we have access to. On the sales page of this product we clearly warn about the need to check if the phone asks for unlock code when you start the phone with another simcard.

If the phone does not ask for unlock code the phone might not be unlockable by codes, we do NOT refund for this. It is your responsability to check this in advanced, we don't make that warning on the sales page for nothing. That said with the instructions below you might still be able to get it done if it doesn't, no guarantees though.

Normal CDMA unlock by code method:

  1. Put phone on 'Global' or 'GSM only' in your band settings menu
    (For most phone this can be found here: settings - More settings - Mobile Networks - Network Mode *exact menu names may differ)
  2. Turn off phone and put a non accepted simcard in the phone
  3. Turn on phone, the phone should now ask you for unlock code
  4. Enter the unlock code we provided (NCK


Special instructions method:

  1. Go to dialpad and enter *#197328640#
  2. Click [1] UMTS
  3. Click [1] Debug Screen
  4. Click [8] Phone control
  5. click [6] Network lock
  6. Click Network lock and the phone should now present you with the option to enter the unlock codes

If the phone does not provide you with option to enter unlock code try this:

  1. Go to dialpad and enter *#197328640#
  2. click [4] SIM
  3. click [4] Deactivate FTM, you have to wait 90 seconds and then restart the phone
  4. Go back to same menu where you were and click [5] Disable ENS, again you have to wait 90 seconds and restart the phone.
  5. Check if phone is not already simlock free at this point
  6. Then do special instructions method 1 once more.

If the both options are not availble it is possible your phone's ROM has been customized by your operator in that case you'll need to root and flash a different ROM (e.g. custom ROM)

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