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Refund rules


Refund rules for Samsung unlock by cable
We will fully refund in case we can determine that failure of using our system is due to an error in our system or on our website.

This does NOT include:
- driver installation trouble. Our support can help you!
- Incorrect cable. Our website clearly states which cable(s) can be used.

In all other cases we offer a partial refund where we deduct 4.47 euro administration costs. This only counts as long as the SRS account remains unused.

Refund rules for Samsung IMEI Repair by cable
First it is imperrative you read this blog post.

In case you do not understand on how to use IMEI repair product we will deduct 10 euro administration costs. We clearly warn people this is a product -for advanced users only-

No refunds will be done if credits has been used unless the user can show support of failure of our system.

Refund rules for SRS Unlock by IMEI service
Due to the nature of this products no refunds are given unless we are not able to provide any codes at all.

It is also not possible to cancel an SRS by IMEI order when the IMEI is submitted. Codes provided using this service are official Samsung unlock & unfreeze code and are always correct for the phone when it leaves the factory. Theoretically Samsung phones can be unlocked and then manually relocked which means the unlock codes can be changed, we haven\'t seen this be a problem for our customers ever, however might this be the case we do NOT refund. If you have trouble entering the codes contact support.

When ordering an unlock code for a phone locked in another geographical location than indicated in the product name and description you will get IMEI rejected. In this case we will refund but deduct 2.50 Euro administration costs.

*No refunds are processed for orders older then 60 days (Paypal max)

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