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I did not get my login after I paid using Paypal, what do to?!


As stated on the our web page where you are redirected to after your payment we ALWAYS send out the email. If you do not receive it the error is on your side, this can be your personal spam filter / email settings or that of your email provider ( / ISP).

Now to prevent this / solve this problem:
- FIRST; complain to your email provider.
- White list our email addresses and Do a google search on 'How to white list email for xxxx' where xxxx is your email provider (just type all after the @ sign of your own email address)
- Open a support ticket and re-request your SRS login

We regularly check our servers IP addresses and our domain if it might be black listed somewhere by mistake (we do not send out any spam or even keep an email list) and we are NOT blacklisted anywhere in the world. We also always receive a CC (carbon copy) of all delivery emails with your logins and we always receive them. Based on these facts we are 100% sure the error of receiving our email in on your side. We are glad to help you in any way we can BUT your email settings is your responsibility and we can not do anything about that.

Providers which seem to have way to aggressive spam filter and block our emails often:
- (most worthless email provider ever, if you have Yahoo please get a better email)
- gmail (sometimes)

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