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Is unlocking legal?


Altough laws are different all over Europe in all countries we know of the answer is YES. In general laws in Europe tend in favour of consumers on companies.

In the USA however things are a bit different, in the USA The U.S. Copyright Office issues rulings every three years, and in 2006, they declared that unlocking a cell phone does not infringe on the copyright of the phone manufacturer or service provider, and therefore isn't prohibited

The ruling wasn't reversed in 2009 so still stood until recently where the Librarian of Congress argued that that there are more unlocked phones on the market than there were three years ago, and that most wireless carriers have liberal policies for unlocking their handsets [?? pay 75USD to unlock your phone via your operator is very 'liberal'].

This is a hugely rediculous argumentation but in conclusion phones you already have, as well as those purchased between now and next January, can be unlocked. But phones purchased after January 2013 can only be unlocked with the carrier's permission. [source: Ars Technica].

The argumentation is very weak so we are not completely sure what is going to happen with this but we think really nothing is going to change from end of January 2013. We will continue to offer our services as we are a Dutch company and thus fall under Dutch law.

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