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What is unfreezing a GSM?


Unfreezing a mobile phone refers to a state of the phone where you can't use it anymore at all with all simcards or something with all 'non original' simcards.

A phone in this 'frozen' state will display a message like 'Phone freeze' or 'Phone locker, return for service'. Older phones may display 'contact service'.

How does a phone get into 'freeze mode'?
All mobile phones have a build-in protection for when people try to sim unlock it by guessing the unlock codes or using software to bruteforce the unlock codes. The number of attempts a brand has differs but most of the time it is between 3 and 5. As soon as the phone registers you passing this threshold the phone will switch into 'freeze mode'.

How to repair 'phone freeze'
This differs per brand, but for most brands you need a cable to fix it. For Samsung it can generally be fixed by both methods via codes and via cable. The so called 'unfreeze code' (MCK) is always delivered by however if you request unlock codes for Samsung via 'operator specific' unlock services they will NEVER be able to deliver the unfreeze code (operators do NOT have this code).

The 2nd option is unfreeze by cable. Recommended is doing this by 'read unlock codes' which will read the unfreeze codes directly from the phone's memory. However for models that do not support this you can use 'direct unlock' which will also fix the 'phone freeze' state.

In some rare cases (for example when using bad 'free unlock' reset codes, or cracked unlock software, bad firmware flashing) the simlock data is that damaged even the unfreeze code will not help any more. In that case you should always first contact support.

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