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Will unlocking void my warranty?


This depends on how the unlocking is done. We will explain using unlock method examples:

- Direct unlock
This is the most complex one. Mostly direct unlock is done by reading data from the phone calculating the security bypass codes and then giving the official built-in unlock command, this way no warranty would be void as this would be the same as entering an unlock code manually (after using 'read unlock codes' or 'Unlock by IMEI').
In some other cases direct unlock means we overwrite a small portion of data on the phone which in fact makes 'direct unlock' a 'patch unlock' which does void the warranty officially.

- Patch unlock
Yes this will void warranty as you are then changing the firmware (operating system for your phone).

- Read unlock codes
No, this method only reads data from the phone and based upon this data the unlock codes are calculated using complex algorithms.

- By IMEI (this information is valid for Samsung only)
This method is totally different, as 'unlock by IMEI' means you give the IMEI and phone model and then the unlock codes are looked up in a big database. This takes multiple days and is the same as when an Telecom operator would provide you with unlock codes. This method will NOT void your warranty.

However in general service centre's do not have the time to fully check phones if there has been tampered with so as long as you don't tell them you unlocked the phone yourself you won't have any trouble with your warranty.

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