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Reset user code / security lock / user lock


The user code (also known as security lock / user lock / security code) is not a simlock but many people might confuse it to be.

What is the user code?
The user code is kind of pin code set by the user. It is a 5 to 8 digit number. Some phone brands set it standard to 12345 or 00000 or 00000000 (the last one is usually after a reset).
Some new modern smart phones also started using new techniques such as pattern lock (draw a pattern on the screen instead of a digit code) and smile unlock (Android 4, face recognition) and perhaps some other we are forgetting now. However for most of them it is always possible to use the old digit mode.

Simlock Remote Server software can reset the user code for most Samsung phones (select your phone on to check functionality).



  1. Fully charge battery
  2. remove simcard from the phone
  3. turn phone on
  4. Download and install our Simlock Remote Software
  5. Connect phone to your computer using original USB cable
  6. Put phone in PC studio / KIES mode if requested
  7. Windows shouldn't ask for drivers.
    If it does, press cancel and disconnect the phone download: 'Samsung drivers' from
    Then run the Samsung driver installer. Restart the computer and connect phone again.
  8. Now start SRS software (Start -> Program Files -> Samsung Remote Client -> Samsung Remote Unlock Client
  9. Login using your SRS login or using the test login 'test' - 'srscom' (this feature is free!)
  10. Select your phone model
  11. Go to: 'Start' -> 'settings' -> 'Control Panel' -> 'System' -> 'Hardware' (tab) -> 'Device manager' (button) (On Vista/Win7 go to: Start -> Type in the following commando in the 'Search box': devmgmt.msc and hit enter)
  12. Now you see you 'device manager'.
  13. Go to 'Modems' and hit the '+' next to it.
  14. Now you should see 'Samsung CDMA modem' device there. If not Bluetooth is ON, flashing is only option to reset user code (or turn bluetooth off if possible without simcard inside).
  15. Right click this device and choose 'properties'
  16. Now in the new screen go to 2nd tab: 'Modem'
  17. You see on which COM port this modem is (it is a number)
  18. Write this number down or remember it
  19. Go to SRS software and under 'Select Modem' set the dropdown box to the number you just written down or remembered. You can set the 'Select com port' to SAME number
  20. Hit 'User code reset' button in the client
  21. Done. You user code is now 00000000 (8 times zero)

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