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Unlock by cable vs Unlock by IMEI


Unlock by cable vs Unlock by IMEI

Important: a more graphical comparison is available here: SRS Unlock cable vs codes.
Unlock by IMEI vs Unlock by cable, which method is best for your taste?
The pro's and the cons for both:

Unlock by IMEI
- No need for a cable
- No need to install software / drivers
- All Samsung models supported

- More expensive *however if you need a special cable for your model when using unlock by IMEI it might actually be cheaper
- Not instant (there is a waiting time)
- by IMEI products are limited to specific geographical area. E.g. Unlock by IMEI Europe only works for Samsung gsm phones locked in a European country

Click here to unlock your phone by IMEI

Unlock by cable
- It is faster (within 10 minutes an unlocked phone)
- Cheaper
- More functionality
- It doesn't matter where your phone is from (all supported phones from every country in the world)

- Need for cable (sometimes a special cable)
- Some computer knowledge needed (installing drivers)
- Not every known model is supported directly (we need to research phone's security first)

Click here to unlock your phone by cable

Hopefully this helps you in deciding the best product for your needs. And if you are still in doubt please just contact support by following link bellow.

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