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What is debranding?


Debranding is the act of removing the branding from a specific telecom operator from a mobile device

Debranding is accomplished by changing the firmware on a mobile phone via a process that is called flashing. One usually needs to have special brand and model specific software and the actual firmware for your specific model to do this. For some brands you also need special hardware but for Samsung this is not the case.

Why debrand?
Telecom operators often include bloatware (apps nobody wants), logos, menu themes and sometimes even limit the phones functionality (including hardlocking - the removal of the phones ability to be unlocked by codes). Some providers even go as far as to lock in internet / MMS settings in the firmware so they can't be changed in the settings of the phone.

*The 'firmware' of a mobile phone is like an operating system on your computer e.g. Windows

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