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Rooting SC-01E / SC-01D / SC-03D


1. Download the 'Samsung SC01D & SC01E & SC03D Back-up Kit v1.0' and '
Samsung SC01D & SC01E & SC03D rooting Kit v1.1' from the Unlock Samsung Online Download page (This download is only available for customers!)

2. unpack both archives to a new folder.

3. Put phone in USB-debugging mode

4. Go to folder where you unpacked the back-up kit 1.0 and run RunMe.bat. This should make a back-up of your phone just to be sure.

5. Then go to the folder with the rooting kit 1.1 and run RunMe.bat

6. If the program was executed succesfully then go to Play market and install 'SuperSU' and 'Voodoo OTA RootKeeper'

All done.

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