Our SRS history in a nutshell

2006 The 10th of May 2006 the unlocksamsungonline.com website was launched selling unlock codes based on IMEI (thus codes only) with the team / company 'UST' as code provider. Their server proofed very unstable and the service was very bad, we had the chance to help some customers but unfortunately we also had a bunch of unhappy customers which could not be helped other then refunding them their money. This led us to the decision to seek a partner to create our own server. We found 123Unlock.nl and formed what later proofed to be a great partnership. At the first of October 2006 the new UnlockSamsungOnline.com with a new brand 'Samsung Remote Server' (SRS) saw the first light of day. Instant Samsung unlocking by cable was born.

2007 In this year our service experienced a huge grow of customers. This was mainly because SRS was so often the first in the world with unlocking the newest Samsung models directly from the comfort of your own home. The SRS server and client software's were almost updated weekly to keep up with all the new released Samsung models. We noticed that there was a need for a good manual, as some people had trouble installing the Samsung drivers needed for our software. We created a manual and we have updated and expanded them ever since with the help of customers' feedback.

In our own experience we know that many internet companies put more value in money then in their customers, we wanted to be different and we made our service a high priority for SRS; meaning fast email response and pre and after sales support and care for our customers (many times even when customers' had problems with products from competitors!). As a result our overall response rate and successful unlock rate was (and still is) above 95%. In the year 2007 we also introduced the 3G client for the in popularity rising new 3G phones, we had to create a second client software because the huge technical differences in 2G phones and 3G phones concerning unlocking simlock algorithms.

2008 In 2008 we introduced a new product line SRSpro. Samsung unlock service with the ease of hassle free, fast and safe unlocking build for end users and with the extra functionality and support professional unlockers need. Functions like IMEI repair and fast re-locking were introduced. We also made a partnership with AllGsmUnlock server to sell these professional accounts to the professional community. These professional accounts have unlimited use and updates. The second huge change was the mega update of UnlockSamsungOnline.com making the website faster, better usability, more functionality and better support features. The whole system was rebuild and the design was completely redone. In 2008 again we often were first in the world with many Samsung solutions and our customer base grew tremendously.

2009 In 2009 we have done a lot of fine tuning and we expanded our customer base to Spanish speaking people (http://www.desbloquearsamsung.es/). The Spanish speaking demographic is the largest and fastest growing group of internet users in the world. We also past the magical 1000 Samsung mobile phones supported limit making us by far the only service in the world which supports so many different Samsung models for unlocking and repairing. Our biggest project this year was moving our website from the shared hosting environment away to cloud hosting for growth availability, more speed and better stability. We now have 2 servers running in the UK and in the US serving our customers around the world with a real-time sync system and customers are automatically redirected to the closest server being UnlockSamsungOnline.com (us) or UnlockSamsungOnline.eu (UK). The project was easier planned then done but we are very happy with the end results and we hope our customers also. The website is a lot faster and more stable any way!

2010 The year started with some huge milestones. First of all the SRS programmer became a daddy which is of course reason for a lot of happiness but that is not all. We are about to launch a complete new design, hugely improving on our old design and hopefully improving the usability for our customers. Next to the redesign of our website our brand name has changed from Samsung Remote Server to Simlock Remote Server. We have done this because we are about to launch multiple NEW SRS products for different brands then just Samsung. With the coming launch of these new products we will also launch some new websites yet to be announced. Our professional website SRSpro.biz has already had a redesign also.

2011 In 2011 a lot of new things already happened and a lot more is happening. First we launched Unlock @ home offering our SRS solutions (including instant Alcatel unlock code calc, Bios master password calc, Huawei, ZTE and more) and other 3rd party unlock by IMEI solutions. And we are doing a big update for the UnlockSamsungOnline servers making our databases more redundant, a big system update and a smaller design update. Furthermore we now exclusively offer unlock by codes for Canada. And beginning of October we will be launching our first Android APP for Samsung unlocking by codes!

2012. In 2012 we made the decision to go back to just one url (UnlockSamsungOnline.com) and one server with a new much faster hosting in Amsterdam. To make sure our site is still fast for visitors outside Europe we are now using a so called CDN (Content Delivery Network). After doing various speed test from all around the world we came to the conclusion our website is faster than ever before and a lot more stable. We continued the many first in the world Samsung update and started offering world first and unique services; IMEI Repair, SNR repair and BaseBand repair from home. These features have been created for the more advanced users whom like to play around with their phone (custom firmwares, updating firmwares etc) and accidentally damaged their Samsung in the progress.

2013 We launched our 100% free software SRS Easy Android Root, a 1-click software offering rooting and unrooting for Android phones and tablets. Our way of saying thank you to the whole Samsung Android Fan community. Besides rooting / unrooting the software offers some more awesome free features such as pattern lock reset / reading. User code (aka phone lock) reset / reading and more.