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  • Samsung by IMEI USA

    Samsung by IMEI USA

    by in updates at November 30, -0001, 12:00 am

    Samsung by IMEI USA is back After a very long period Samsung by IMEI USA is back again. Unfortunately the price has gone up as well but that is the price ... Read More -->

  • Samsung by IMEI speeeed

    Samsung by IMEI speeeed

    by in updates at November 30, -0001, 12:00 am

    Samsung by IMEI fastest in the world again Every other website in the world now delivers Samsung unlock codes by IMEI in 1-3 days (as also stated on our website). However ... Read More -->

  • Samsung by IMEI launched

    Samsung by IMEI launched

    by in website at November 30, -0001, 12:00 am

    New service; Samsung unlock by codes We are very excited and proud to launch our new service Samsung unlock by IMEI. We can deliver unlock and unfreeze codes for ALL Samsung ... Read More -->

  • Important notice; Email

    Important notice; Email

    by in website at November 30, -0001, 12:00 am

    Important: Email maintenance on our servers We will be doing some important changes on our server, specifically to do with our email. This means tomorrow we will have (very) limited use of ... Read More -->

  • Huge update!

    Huge update!

    by in updates at November 30, -0001, 12:00 am

    MEGA Update!! We just launched a MEGA update for the Simlock Remote Server. Also as you can see we launched our new design. We hope you like it! What is new in ... Read More -->

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  • Support Knowledge base

    Unlock by cable vs Unlock by IMEI

    Unlock by cable vs Unlock by IMEI Important: a more graphical comparison is available here: SRS Unlock cable vs codes.Unlock by IMEI vs Unlock by cable, which method is best for your taste? The pro's and the cons for both: Unlock by IMEI Pro: - No need for a cable - No need to install software / ...

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    Terms of Service

    General commercial terms and conditions This general commericial terms and conditions shall be accepted by the (Simlock Remote Server) (seller) and you (customer). By using sellers site or sellers service, customer is agreeing to these general commercial terms and conditions...

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    SRS Software functions explained (direct unlock, relock, etc)

    Our software contains a lot of different functions which can confuse you. We have done our best to order the functionality in our software as clearly as possible and we have hidden some functionality which is mostly only used for advanced users.   Function Discription Rescan Th...

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    Refund rules

    Refund rules for Samsung unlock by cable We will fully refund in case we can determine that failure of using our system is due to an error in our system or on our website. This does NOT include: - driver installation trouble. Our support can help you! - Incorrect cable. Our website clearly states w...

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