Who owns your Samsung, your telecom provider or you?
Did you just answer you do? I mean you did pay anywhere from 100 - 800 USD for your Samsung right?

Think again, if your Samsung is simlocked it is in fact still property of your telecom provider and you are not free to do with the mobile what you want.

So wouldn't it be time to change the status quo and sim unlock your Samsung?

  • Just because it is YOUR phone
  • Switch to a better provider which does offer reception in your area, no more dropped calls, better internet speeds and more
  • Switch to a cheaper provider
  • and a lot of other reasons

Don't delay - free your Samsung from all simlock restrictions now

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Please make sure to read the FULL product description below!

Product features
  • Read unlock codes
  • Repair phone freeze
  • User code reset
  • Brute force unlock
  • Patch unlock
  • Direct unlock
  • Product code change
  • Baseband Repair
  • Relock to Any
  • Relock to Original
  • Region unlock
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8
  • Stable Internet
  • Supported Cable(s)

Start saving money on your Mobile Phone Bill Now and get your Exclusive Simlock Remote Server Samsung Unlock account and find yourself with an unlocked phone in no-time. Please read the whole product description!

With 1 SRS account you will be able to:

  • Instantly Sim Unlock all existing Simlocks (NCK, SPCK, PCK, MCK)
  • Repair 'Phone freeze' and 'Phone locked, return for service' messages
  • Region Unlock**
  • Debrand*

One Samsung Mobile by cable

Free bonus: Phone lock reset*, Pattern Lock bypass*, Product Code Change, BaseBand Repair*.

Unlock time: +/- 10 minutes

* When available for your model (contact support to check if you want this!)
** Exclusive Region unlock for I9300, I9500 & N7100 new firmwares included in 'direct unlock'. Region unlock for older versions is free under 'Region unlock' button (same as free Region Away app).
***This account does NOT serve for IMEI repair!

CDMA Hybrid models USA warning: model such as SM-G900P locked in the USA can be unlocked for WORLD usage only. This means unlocking works but you can NOT use them with other networks in the USA only with other networks outside the USA.

OMAP5 models (T999, I9200, I9190, M919, I9505, I9305, I337x, I747x etc) Android 4.3 and higher need manual rooting for unlocking. Contact Support if you need instructions!