Is your Samsung mobile's IMEI damaged (all zeros or 0049xxxx)?
It happens to the best of us, playing around with your mobile, perhaps flashing some custom ROM's to try out and all of the sudden your IMEI is gone and you forgot to make a back-up (or your back-up doesn't work).

Damn, now you have a very expensive paper weight on your desk!

BUT No worries! Our software is here to save your day
We offer the only software in the world to repair your IMEI without the need of an 200+ USD hardware tool from the comfort of your home. Some important notes: this product is only for advanced users, your first need to fix your EFS / NVM before you can repair your IMEI (that means back to original stock firmware - this is all explained in our manuals). Our software obviously can't solve any hardware failure.

We strongly recommend to select your Samsung model first to check if your model is supported and which cable(s) you need.


Listed Price: 101,18 USD
Your price: 43.99 USD

Required cable(s): Select your model first
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Product features
  • Imei repair
  • SNR Repair
  • Product code change
  • Baseband Repair
  • User code reset
  • Stable Internet
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8
  • Advanced Mobile Tech Knowledge
Do you love playing around with your Samsung GSM as much as we do?

A lot of fun right? Well perhaps in your case not so much right now and you damaged your phone while flashing, unlocking with bad codes or software and now your IMEI changed to 0049xxx or all zeros (000000000000000) or just null / blank.

Awaken your Samsung GSM from the dead using the Simlock Remote Server Client! With this product you can:

  • Repair IMEI

  • Repair S/N (aka SNR, MSLADDR) *

  • Repair EFS & Unknown Baseband (Free) *

  • Repair NVM (Free)**

One Samsung GSM phone

Important: Select your phone model first on the site to check if your phone is supported for this product!

Important 2 -READ this-: This product is for advanced users only. Do NOT buy this product if you do not know or never have flashed your Samsung. You need to first make sure your firmware (modem) is ok and then repair baseband. If your phone is ok then you can repair SNR (first) and when this has been done successfully you can repair IMEI.

* Only on Android family models
** Only on OMAP models