Selling or buying a mobile phone on the internet?

Buying: NEVER buy a phone without first checking the IMEI using a blacklist check product like ours. This is not just our recommendation but also the official recommendation of big sites like eBay. They recommend the CheckMend official certificate which is exactly what we deliver. When you buy a blacklisted phone you will get 'No Network' problem and this CAN NOT be solved.

Selling: if you are planning to sell your phone on the internet it will sell faster and for more money if you can offer your potential customers the official CheckMend certificate showing that your phone is safe to buy.

Using our service you can check the IMEI of any phone in the databases of over 18000+ law enforcement agencies including the FBI and over 30 of the biggest world wide telecom providers.

Important: this is NOT a solution to this problem, that does NOT exist. This THE best product to check IF the IMEI is blacklisted or not.

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Listed Price: 13,78 USD
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Required cable(s): No cable needed

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Product features
  • Blacklist Check
  • Insurance claim check
  • Lost or Stolen Check
  • Recycled check
  • Internet
  • Serial number (IMEI)
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
Blacklisted phones can not be fixed by any unlock / IMEI repair product!

Unfortunately we see more and more customers having problems using their phones bought online because they did not check if the phone was reported stolen, claimed under insurance or was refurbished.


This service will provide you with online verifiable background history certificate of any GSM mobile phone to make sure that your phone is not been recorded as lost, stolen, claimed for insurance and if it was registered as recycled.

We strongly recommend to check your Samsung's history before purchasing any phone via the internet or non official store. Also if you are selling your Samsung we highly recommend creating such a report to increase value of your sale. Having this exact certificate is officially eBay recommended!

Your Samsung's serial number (IMEI) will be checked against 50 billion records from 18,000+ law enforcement agencies inc. FBI and network operators from 30+ countries worldwide.


Listed Price: 11,43 USD
Your price: 4.97 USD

Required cable(s): No cable needed

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Product features
  • Get phone information
  • Valid Samsung IMEI

This product will return all phone information like product code, origin country, phone age, factory warranty coverage and manufacturer country.

This is useful for unlock by codes service in case you do not know where the phone is from.

Warning: if you submit a non Samsung IMEI (or bad IMEI) you will get 'not a Samsung phone result' and there will be NO REFUND.