Samsung T959V Unlock and repair by cable manual

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  1. If you do not have a valid SRS username and password yet: Buy a SRS Samsung unlock account
  2. Download & run our SRS installer - Make sure you also install Samsung USB drivers.
  3. If present uninstall 'Samsung KIES software' from your computer
  4. Put the original working simcard inside the phone and turn on the phone (if you don't have the original simcard or your phone is in 'phone freeze' mode don't put any simcard in the phone)
  5. If present on your phone make sure Bluetooth is turned OFF and 'Auto Screen Time Out' is off Click to see image example
  6. Make sure your phone is still in DEBUG mode. To check / set:
    1. Disconnect phone from computer and power on the phone
    2. On the phone go to: Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
      For some phones it is: Menu -> Settings -> Programs -> Development
    3. Switch on the option USB DEBUGGING Click to see image example
  7. Connect the USB cable to your computer and your phone
  8. If phone asks put phone in 'KIES' mode!
  9. Run Samsung Remote Unlock Client (Start -> Programs -> Simlock Remote Client -> Samsung Remote Unlock client)
  10. Login using your SRS login
  11. Select your phone model from the drop down list
  12. Press rescan and make sure 'Samsung Android Modem' is detected (In case of trouble Check and set Samsung Andriod 2 port)
  13. Click 'Read Unlock Codes'
  14. On some phones the phone will ask to allow Root access (on the phone screen!) when client says 'Rooting phone.. Please Wait (some minutes).....' if this is the case for you click yes!
  15. Put a non accepted simcard inside the phone and turn it on, when phone asks for unlock code enter the unlock codes obtained by 'Read unlock codes'

Important: all 'AndroidX' (where X is a number) phones including this model need to be rooted for unlocking. For most versions this happens automatically, however somethings it needs to be done manually. Versions newer then 4.2.2 must be done manually and sometimes version 2.3.6 needs to be done manually as well. For more info please contact support for instructions or check Root manuals

Hardlocked phones
Some provider (e.g. Telcel, some Rogers models) hardlock their phones. this means they disable the unlock option of your phone by changing the phone software. In many European countries this is illegal but in other parts of the world it is not. To fix this problem you need to flash your phone with a non branded firmware.

These phones only show a 'dismiss' button when you start the phone with another simcard inside:

For help on flashing the phone contact support.

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