Samsung SM-J110H Unlock and repair by cable manual

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Important: your phone needs to be rooted for this process. You can Google for a root solution of contact support if you need any help!

  1. If you do not have a valid SRS username and password yet: Buy a SRS Samsung unlock account
  2. Download & run our SRS installer - Make sure you also install Samsung USB drivers in 4th step of installer.
  3. Make sure the phone is ROOTED (Contact support if your model is not listed)
  4. If present uninstall 'Samsung PC studio software' or 'Samsung KIES software' from your computer
  5. Put SD card inside the phone (and make sure it is not write protected)
  6. Turn on the phone with original simcard or without simcard
  7. If present on your phone make sure Bluetooth is turned OFF and 'Auto Screen Time Out' is off Click to see image example
  8. (Android phones only) Turn ON USB debugging on your phone. On the phone go to:
    Menu - Settings - More (tab) - Developer Options - USB Debugging OR
    Menu - Settings - Developer Options - USB debugging OR
    Menu - Settings - Applications - Development - USB debugging

    If 'Developer Options' is not available under 'More' tab then do the following:
    • 1. go to Menu - Settings - More (tab) - About Device
    • 2. Tab 5 times on 'Build Number' (the display will display amount of times left to activate developer mode)
    • 3. Go back to Menu - Settings - More (tab) and now you'll see 'Developer Options' in the menu

    Click to see image example
  9. Connect phone with computer using original Samsung USB cable
  10. Run Samsung Remote Unlock Client (Start -> Programs -> Simlock Remote Client -> Samsung Remote Unlock client)
  11. Login using your SRS login
  12. Select your phone model> from the drop down list
  13. Press rescan and make sure 'DiagPort' is detected (In case of trouble Check and set Samsung modem port)
  14. Click the button: 'Direct Unlock'

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