Samsung I8000 Unlock and repair by cable manual

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  1. If you do not have a valid SRS username and password yet: Buy a SRS Samsung unlock account
  2. Download & run our SRS installer - Make sure you also install Samsung USB drivers.
  3. If present uninstall 'Samsung PC studio software' and 'Microsoft Active Sync' from your computer
  4. Put the original working simcard inside the phone and turn on the phone (if you don't have the original simcard or your phone is in 'phone freeze' mode don't put any simcard in the phone)
  5. Type *#7284# then choose USB > Modem (or USB > Phone)
  6. Type: *#9090# then choose - [1] Uart_null_usb_diag (Sometimes options differ a little always choose an option with 'usb_diag')
  7. Set your phone in Active Sync mode (connection mode)
  8. Connect your phone to your computer with the microUSB cable
  9. Start 'Samsung Remote Client' ('Start' -> 'Programs' -> 'Simlock Remote client'-> start Samsung Remote unlock client)
  10. Login with your SRS username and password
  11. Select your Samsung I8000 from the drop down list
  12. Press 'rescan' and make sure 'Samsung Mobile diagnostic Modem (WDM)' is detected (In case of trouble Check and set Samsung OMAP2 modem port)
  13. Click 'direct unlock' and follow instructions when needed

In case of trouble with the *#7284# code do the following:
1. Download from support servers: 'Start' -> 'Programs' -> 'Simlock Remote client'-> start Samsung Remote unlock client -> login -> select I8000 -> Press 'Go Support'. Then go to folder 'Samsung Drivers' and download '' to your computer
2. Unzip DataConnection.exe to MMC card
3. Run 'dataconnection.exe' via phone explorer. - and select USB > Modem (or USB > Phone)

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