Now you can update your phone with KIES from any region! The Samsung product code is a small 3 letter code which relates to the region your phone was bought. Some example product codes are XEN, XEU, KPP (Netherlands), TMB (USA T-mobile) etc. This code is important if you want to update your phone with Samsung KIES software..

Samsung releases its firmware updates per regions and sometimes some regions take months and even up to a year to get the same firmware updates that other parts of the world already have. Not to mention the problems you get if you bought your phone in another country and trying to update it via KIES in your own country with a firmware with your language in it.

The solution is easy, now offers you a FREE SUPER EASY method of changing the product code in just a few seconds to anything you want.

Using our FREE software you can do all this within seconds

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  1. Download our SRS software

    The most important step, download our Samsung software: SRS Samsung unlock software
    Then install the software, in the 4th step of the installer don't forget to install the Samsung drivers.
    The free login:
    Username: 'test'
    Password: 'srscom'

  2. Check model and cable

    Select your phone model for 'free product code change'. If your model is not listed that means it is not yet officially supported. However there are several Android models which are currently not listed but this function does work with the model. If you try this service with a model not listed and it works please be so kind to inform other users at the bottom of this page by leaving your comment.

    please choose model first

  3. Change your Samsung phone's Product Code

    Ok, you're there! Wasn't that hard right :). Now you are ready to change the Product Code on your smartphone. Instructions bellow. You can also check out the YouTube video on how it is done.

Samsung Product Code Change Instructions:

Instructions are locked!
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