Read / reset phone lock by cable with SRS software for free!
A 'phone lock' is NOT a simlock! The phone lock is the same as user code, security code and on some new (android) phones pattern lock.

The phone lock is always set by a (previous) user (Standard codes are: '12345' or '00000').
So if:

  • your wife, husband, friend, son, daughter, cousin or nephew accidently set the phone lock and doesn't remember it
  • your ex-girlfriend locked you out of your phone
  • you bought the phone 2nd hand and was promised it was all (sim) lock free, but it wasn't
  • after a good night party you suddenly have a phone lock active on your phone

UnlockSamsungOnline To The Rescue! 100% Free As A Favor To You!

If you are (also) looking to unlock (remove simlocks) from your Samsung go here: unlock Samsung by codes or instant by cable
If you are not sure if you have a simlock or what it is please read 'What is a simlock?'

Step 1: Download our software

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Step 2: Check if your Samsung is supported:

Samsung Original USB cable (cable that comes with the phone)

Step 3: Follow these instructions

  1. Download and Install our Samsung software
    Make sure to also install the drivers during installation!
  2. Fully charge battery
  3. Remove simcard from the phone and remove any memory card
  4. Turn phone on
  5. Connect phone to your computer using the cable mentioned above
  6. Put phone in PC studio / KIES mode if requested
  7. Windows shouldn't ask for drivers.
    If it does, press cancel and disconnect the phone and download: 'Samsung drivers'
    Then run the Samsung driver installer. Restart the computer and connect phone again.
  8. Now start SRS software (Start -> All Programs (Program Files) -> Samsung Remote Client -> SRS Samsung Remote Unlock Client
  9. Login using your SRS login or using the test login 'test' - 'srscom'
  10. Select your phone model
  11. Click 'rescan'
    If 'Samsung modem' is not detected do:
    1. Open Device manager:
      On XP go to: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> (Switch to Classic view ) -> System -> Hardware (tab) -> Device Manager.
      On Vista go to: Start -> Type in the following commando in the 'Search box': devmgmt.msc and hit enter.
      On Windows 7 Click the pearl button (start button) then in the search box type 'Device Manager', you will see 'Device Manager' in the search results. Click and it opens.
    2. Go to 'Modems' and hit the '+' next to it.
    3. Now you should see 'Samsung modem' device there. If not Bluetooth is ON, flashing is only option to reset user code.
    4. Right click this device and choose 'properties'
    5. Now in the new screen go to 2nd tab: 'Modem'
    6. You see on which COM port this modem is (it is a number)
    7. Write this number down or remember it
  12. Go to SRS software and under 'Select Modem' set the dropdown box to the number you just written down or remembered. You can set the 'Select com port' to SAME number
  13. Hit 'User code reset' or 'Reset Pattern' button in our UnlockSamsungOnline client software
  14. All Done!
    Depending on the model your user code is now 00000000 (8 times zero), or the code is showed in the log screen of the software.

    In case of a pattern lock this should now have been bypassed and you should be able to access the main menu. Do a factory reset or turn it off to completely get rid of it!

Step 4: Share the Love!

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