Free Samsung phone lock unlock Read / reset phone lock by cable with SRS software for free!
A 'phone lock' is NOT a simlock! The phone lock is the same as user code, security code and on some new (android) phones pattern lock.

The phone lock is always set by a (previous) user (Standard codes are: '12345' or '00000').
So if:

We can help you out for free, by offering free C3222 user code reset and the info to do it. All on!

If you are (also) looking to unlock (remove simlocks) from your Samsung: unlock Samsung by codes or instant by cable

  1. Download our SRS software

    The most important step, download our wonderful Samsung software: SRS Samsung unlock software
    Install the software, in the 4th step of the installer don't forget to install the Samsung drivers
    And the free login:
    Username: 'test'
    Password: 'srscom'

  2. Check model and cable

    Check if your model is supported for 'user code reset'.

    Samsung Original USB cable (cable that comes with the phone)

  3. Remove your 'phone lock' code problem (also known as: user code or security code) 

    Ok, you're there! Wasn't that hard right :). Now you are ready to remove that phone lock of your phone. Instructions below

Phone lock (a.k.a. user code or security code) removal instructions

Instructions are locked!
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