Repair 'unknown baseband' by UnlockSamsungOnline 100% for free! Due to the growing modding community for Android in General and more specific for Samsung Android phones people have started to create custom firmwares for their phones which is an AWESOME development which we highly support. However the toll of this development is that more and more people do something wrong and end up with a Samsung which is completely useless other then a paperweight.

Firmware flashing is still a thing that needs a pretty steep learning curve and well learning is best done by trying but sometimes that means ending up with a 500+ USD not working mobile phone.

We are here to help you solve that problem!

Using our FREE Software you can Bring back your Samsung to the land of the living!

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  1. Download our SRS software

    The most important step, download our Samsung software: SRS Samsung unlock software
    Then install the software, in the 4th step of the installer don't forget to install the Samsung drivers.
    The free login:
    Username: 'test'
    Password: 'srscom'

  2. Check model and cable

    Select your phone model for 'BaseBand Repair'. If your model is not listed that means it is not (yet) supported. Remember this is only for Android based phones. Other Samsung phone's don't have a 'baseband' to repair.

    Select your model:
    Needed cable: please choose model first

  3. Repair your phone's BaseBand

    Ok, you're there! Wasn't that hard right :). Now you are ready to repair the baseband on your Samsung Android phone. Instructions bellow.

Samsung Android BaseBand Repair instructions

Instructions are locked!
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