Root your Android phone. More then 7000 Android versions supported Android Rooting Difficult?
No way! Not with our free specially developed 'SRS Easy Root' software. This 1-click Android rooting software bring full access to your Android to the masses. This software builds upon the amazing work of Chainfire and our own in-house developed rooting solutions.

Why root your Android?

Root your Samsung for FREE with

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  1. Download our SRS Easy Root software

    You can download this 100% free software from our special SRS Easy Android Root website

  2. Check if model is tested

    This is not obligatory, if you have an Android phone (does not have to be Samsung) you can try both the Smart Root function and the All Root function. If it doesn't work on your model it won't harm your phone!

    All supported brands, models and versions will be listed at SRS Easy Root supported phones page

  3. Just follow the instructions below

    That's all folks!

Instructions on how to root your Android Mobile

  1. Make sure your phone is at least 50% charged
  2. Turn on 'USB Debugging' and 'Allow unknown Sources'
    Find them at:
    "Menu - Settings-> Applications-> Development OR
    "Menu - Settings - Developer Options " (newer firmware versions)
  3. Connect your Android phone (turned on) using the original USB cable (the cable that comes with the phone) to your computer
  4. Open the SRS Root software
  5. Click 'Root Device (Smart Root)'
  6. IF you get an error then try 'Root Device (All methods)'
  7. Done!