Vacation - Support delays

Vacation - Support delays

by in website at October 22, 2013, 4:23 pm

Important Support response time announcement

From 23 October 2013 till 30 October 2013 we will be on vacation. This means support response time will be reduced from 'in less then 8 hours a response' to 24 - 48 hours. Also we will be limited to what we can do being abroad as we won't have full access to the system. Some actions like processing refunds and upgrading unlock by cable to unlock by codes will not be possible during this period and will be done when we come back.

All systems will keep on running so you can still sim unlock and IMEI repair your phone. Please make sure you read all information before purchasing so you know what you are buying. All information is freely available on our website.
Most important links to obtain info:
What is sim unlock / unlocking
Unlock by cable and unfreeze by cable manual
IMEI repair info & IMEI repair manual - remember this product is for ADVANCED users only!

Just remember 60% of all support ticket problems we received can be avoided when you just read the product description and the links mentioned above. The next 30% of problems that arrise can be solved by properly reading and following the manual. Then those of you whom are in the remaining 10%, please read: Samsung New Security: an explanation. If that doesn't relate to your problem then you have one of those weird exceptions and we will try to respond to you asap during the week away. Thank you for your understanding!!

All the best, Team

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