Vacation week - Support time increased

Vacation week - Support time increased

by in website at March 7, 2014, 12:35 am

After a few months of hard work and long hours we're going on a well earned vacation starting after tomorrow.

Starting Friday 7th of March 2014 we will be away until the 17th of March 2014
This means support response time will increase from the normal 8 hours response time to 24 - 72 hours.

Being on vacation also means we do NOT have access to certain systems, we will NOT be able to process any refunds, reset accounts or process product switches,if any of these actions are needed they will be processed after the 17th when we get back.

If you need to contact us during this period do NOT email, we will not have access to this email. Please always open a support ticket by clicking here.

All systems will be up and running as normal, the IMEI repair accounts are NOT available during this time, they will be back after we get back.

As always 85% of all problems can be solved by you by just carefully reading and then following the steps of the manuals exactly as written.
- Unlock by cable manual
- Unlock by codes instructions

For those of you with special problems please just open a support ticket and we appreciate your patience and we will help you as soon as we can.

Thank you for understanding

Best regards,

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