Survey Winners Announced!

Survey Winners Announced!

by in website at January 26, 2014, 5:13 pm

Hey there fellow Samsung Fans!

We have just created the 10 100% discount codes for the WINNERS from our survey we published last week. We would like to congratulate the 10 winners and also send out a big thank you for everyone whom took part in the survey. Both positive and negative ratings and comments, they all helped us.

We are still analyzing the details of the results however we were very proud on these 2 particular results (total number of completed survey entries: 387):

Over to the Winners
The owners of the following email addresses are the winners of a 100% discount code for any of our products:

You will all receive an email with your unique 100% discount code, make sure you check your spam / junk folder so you don not miss out on our email!

On another note various new unlock by codes services have just been released to us to unlock new Samsung models. We will do some testing with these new products and launch them soon on our website. We will plan to incorporate them with the launch of our new website which is getting closed and closer.

All the best,
Your Unlock Samsung Online Team

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