Samsung new security: an explanation

Samsung new security: an explanation

by in website at October 22, 2013, 12:56 am

Ok so lately Samsung has launched some new security on various popular models which has created confusing concerning sim unlocking these models. In this post I'll explain you what has been happening and the current solutions. Of course we are working hard to find better solutions as we always do!

There are currently 2 Samsung families / types that suffer from these security updates which are 'OMAP5' models and 'Android1' models. If you open our software and select your model you will see the 'Type' of your model here:

OMAP5 (e.g. I337(m), I747)
The new security on the OMAP5 has to to with the fact the bootloader and the NVM (part of the memory where simlock data is stored) are locked (read and write protected). This results in logs like this:
16:04:06 - OMAP Testmode: Done
16:04:06 - Reading Phonedata...
16:04:06 - Imei: 35xxxxxxxx
16:04:07 - Chipset: M9615ACEHWMAZD179590
16:04:07 - Analysing phone..

- ERROR: Failed to read lock data
Make sure you have the correct comport selected

The are 3 solutions for this problem:

  1. Downgrade the Modem (more advanced, you need to flash only the modem part of the firmware to a lower version)
  2. Dowgrande the whole firmware (advanced, just choose a firmware from before July 2013)
  3. Change to unlock by codes

The new security on the Android1 models is different and so far seen on I9505, I9500 and the I9300. We have reported on this earlier on our blog. Samsung has completely changed the EFS structure (EFS is the part where simlock data is stored and more vital information about the phone). On top of that firmware downgrading is not possible. This change came more or less together with the introduction of a new kind of simlock called 'region lock' where a phone is locked on say 'Europe'. Most likely they created this to prevent grey importing.

Models which have this new security will present itself by giving you the following message in our software when you press 'direct unlock' button:
Error: New Security (EFSv2) detected, unlock not possible yet.

As the error already states there is no solution to get around it for unlock by cable as downgrading is also made impossible. So the only solution that is still possible is Unlock by codes as alternative. Of course this is only viable if your phone is locked 1 one of the supported region, but luckily we support most regions of the world!

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P.s. pre-announcement from 23 Oct 2013 - 30 Oct 2013 support response times will be slower then usual. Also see our Twitter announcement. More info to follow tomorrow on that.

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