Important: Non-registered Paypal accounts

Important: Non-registered Paypal accounts

by in website at August 13, 2014, 3:38 pm

As announced before we had a huge spike in fraud purchases using the 'Paypal chargeback' trick in the last few weeks. This started with purely Russian domains (.ru) which then moved to mostly gmail addresses but with Eastern European names at which point we limited those orders for extra security checks before processing.

We now see the criminals are adapting again and starting to use emails with American names. This has lead us to the following decision to protect our business:

We have updated our fraud filters again and we now check against multiple fraud indicators. One major factor is if your Paypal account is unregistered / unverified. So if you want to prevent any delays then make sure your Paypal account is verified. If it is not be prepared that your order might be delayed and we will ask you to provide extra information. If you refuse we will not process your order.

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