Samsung KNOX Ins & Outs

Samsung KNOX Ins & Outs

by in website at January 5, 2014, 5:04 pm

We recently received various questions about Samsung KNOX, what it is and some worries about the so called KNOX 01 status so we thought to address them in a blog post for everyone to read.

Knox is Samsung's way to get past IT's legitimate concerns over Android's generally weak security and join Apple's iOS and BlackBerry in the golden circle of trustworthy mobile devices and thus attract more big corporations start using Samsung phones.

In layman’s terms, Samsung Knox is an app that creates a new ‘layer’ on your Samsung phone so that you can securely separate your personal and professional activities. This layer is essentially a second version of your phone that requires a password to be accessed and restricts the way in which the handset is used.

How to uninstall KNOX
So yes you can get rid of it, with new firmwares (Android 4.3 and higher) the KNOX app is included, so when doing an update you might suddenly have this app. To uninstall it have a look here Uninstall KNOX for the various options to remove it.
BUT this does not remove the warranty bit or so called 'KNOX bit'. This is a check if the device has been tampered with in anyway and prohibits you from downgrading. Only upgrading is possible with official stock firmwares. This bit will also be set if you only mix up a different stock ROM with another modem. As per chainfire's words once set it can not be reversed at all, there has been some talk this being a so called eFuse. This is a an actual hardware fuse that is destroyed on software command and thus can not be reversed, however this is speculation so far. I've also seen some evidence this might not be the case as various people have reported some Service center's resetting this status in a few minutes.

Sim Unlocking and Knox
Ok to the important part; unlocking by codes does not affect KNOX in any way neither does it touch the phone's warranty. Unlock by cable is a bit more complicated story. The phones that have KNOX also have new simlock security which has yet to be broken, so the general advise is to downgrade the firmware and then unlock the phone. However when you downgrade you break the warranty and you won't be able to upgrade any more because of this KNOX warranty bit.

Our solution
For the new OMAP5 new security models (such as I9505, I747, etc) we have created special unlock files which are available on the SRS download server. For unlock by cable you flash this file to the phone using Odin and the KNOX warranty bit will NOT be flipped leaving your warranty intact! Then after flashing this file you can unlock the phone without a problem. Afterwards you need to flash the phone again to the latest firmware available for your phone using Odin. Remember to ONLY use original stock firmware and nothing else, now your phone will be simlock free, no warranty bit flipped and the latest firmware with everything working.

A video explaining KNOX:

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