IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unlock by codes (ALL) (Update 7)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Unlock by codes (ALL) (Update 7)

by in website at January 10, 2015, 2:14 am

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Holiday closure of Samsung Unlock by Codes

Update 7- Friday Jan 9
Samsung unlock by codes is back: Unlock by codes is back

Update 6- Tuesday Jan 7
The good news: tomorrow we'll open a new SUPER exclusive service for Samsung unlock by codes Europe which offers supports for only 10 countries (we'll list them tomorrow). We'll be one of the very few websites in the world able to offer this service. More news tomorrow.

Update 5 - Tuesday Jan 7
All pending refunds have been processed and most candidates for alternative solutions have been submitted for processing (still awaiting customer confirmation for a few). Our supplier did just send us an email that he would give 'some' positive news in a few hours so maybe we can re-open some services... we'll await and see.

Update 4 - Tuesday Jan 6
Ok so first I feel I need to explain something for it to make sense to everybody:
In the whole world there are just a very few people that are the true sources at Samsung (less then 5 - I don't know exactly how many). Every website in the world that offers Samsung unlock codes (hundreds of sites) in the end go through the same real person who delivers the unlock codes. This is also the reason that no website in the world can deliver Samsung factory unlock codes right now.

That said; I've been updated today that he was suppose to contact the main distributors yesterday but apparently he is sick with a high fever so this has not yet happened. Also there is a rumor among these high level players that Samsung has changed the security policies which could be bad news.

So in conclusion we still don't really know anything... if you haven't done so please contact support and tell them on which network in which country your phone is locked so we can look for alternatives for you.

Update 3 - Monday Jan 5
We still haven't heard any status update on the Samsung unlock by codes services so this is what we are going to do now: If you have a pending IMEI please contact support and tell us in which country on which telecom provider your phone is locked and we'll see if we can get the unlock codes via the Provider (our products are 'Factory unlock codes' now we'll go the 'Provider unlock codes' way). If there is still no definite news by Wednesday we'll start refunding and cancelling pending Unlock by IMEI orders.

Update 2 - Jan 3rd
We have received unlock codes for an Samsung Argentina order and all Canada orders are processing as we speak. All Europe orders are still pending and for some reason yet unknown all USA orders have been rejected (so you've received a 'not found' email). We're working on getting a reason for that and of course the Europe service status.

Update 1. Today the services should have started, we have not been able to confirm this yet as we have not yet seen any movement. As soon as we get more news on this we'll update it here. We're on top of it but its all up to Samsung.

While the service is not confirmed to be back online, submitting NEW IMEI's is disabled
You will get an error if you try to submit an IMEI right now, when services go back online we'll enable IMEI submission again

We were just informed by our Samsung unlock codes processor that ALL Samsung by codes services (all regions!) are closed until 2nd of January. Current pending IMEI's have been rejected (you'll receive a 'not found' email).
Starting tomorrow new IMEI's will be accepted by the processing system and put in a queue. This queue will start processing the 2nd of January 2015, because of the backlog due all pending IMEI's there will be some further delays of delivery the 2nd and 3rd of Jan. We expect all back to normal and fast delivery times the 5th of January.

All outstanding orders that have been rejected today (you have received an email with a 'not found' result) can choose to resubmit their IMEI from tomorrow or we can refund you no problem. Just let us know via support.

This service is stop is WORLD WIDE and EVERY website that delivers unlock codes will have the same issue. Any website claiming they can still deliver unlock codes by IMEI is lying. During these days only solution to unlock mobile phones is using our Unlock by Cable software.

Any questions feel free to reply below.
Happy Holidays!

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