Help, my Samsung Unlock Codes don't work?!

Help, my Samsung Unlock Codes don't work?!

by in website at May 11, 2014, 9:28 pm

There is a growing problem on the rise....

It is not only our website and our customers where we see it happen more and more but I've also already received emails from various other Samsung unlock code websites asking for help and advise (yes, you read that correct other site owners come to us for advice).

People buy their official genuine Samsung unlock codes, the phone asks (as normal, as it should) for the Network Unlock Pin Code but DAMN the codes don't work. Unfortunately there is a portion of customers who directly start screaming murder, fire and scam BUT it is NOT the fault of the supplier at all.

So what is really happening? Ok there are various possibilities but let me start with the most common problem

1. Different methods to enter the unlock codes
We currently offer instructions to enter the unlock codes in 5 different methods, if the first one doesn't work you try the 2nd one etc. This solves most of the problems. it is important you try them all and follow the instructions to the letter. If you are instructed to enter some code which should open a new menu, or a menu item is not available that means that particular method won't apply to you and you can skip it.

2. The region lock (on the rise) Not long ago Samsung introduced the region lock, this is NOT a real simlock but similar none-the-less. This lock is to prevent grey importing. So that means if you buy your phone in the USA and you want to use it in Europe the region lock gets activated as soon as you put a simcard in the phone from Europe for the first time. At this moment the phone will ask for Network Unlock Pin code BUT the official unlock codes (the NCK) will NOT work. The phone will not accept it.

Now on the older phones you can use our free 'region unlock' function (which is the same as the free RegionLock Away app in Play store) however this does NOT work on Android 4.3 and newer and other new phones because Samsung updated the security on this lock to a RSA1024 encryption with a 128bit unique key per phone. So basically if you have the region lock activated you are shit out of luck..

1. preventing is better then fixing, and it's 'free'. To prevent the region lock from ever activating you need to make at least a 5 minutes call with your original provider in the country where you bought the phone (voicemail also counts). That's all.

2. Unlock by cable. Not all models are supported yet but we managed to crack this RSA encryption and we build region unlock into our 'direct unlock' feature (not free). We've tested region lock removal with new security firmwares on I9300 (Galaxy S3), I9500 (Galaxy S4) and the N7100 (Note 2) on all Andriod versions

3. Firmware problems
Not an uncommon issue, a customer decided to play around and flash some 'stable' custom rom to his/her phone and then tried unlocking it and then suddenly it doesn't work. Well first of all let me tell you once and for ALL, there is NO SUCH THING as a 'stable' custom rom. Some come pretty close but they are NOT EVER. I think the most stable one is Cyanogenmod but still if you want to do this, FIRST unlock your phone only then flash a custom rom.

4. Arrogant provider problem
This is the most annoying one for everybody but luckily not that common. The most occurrences of this happening(in our experience) is South America, some German providers (at the moment), Austria (last year, at the moment not anymore) and I've seen it happen once or twice in Portugal as well. So what am I talking about? Let me explain.

When the Samsung phone leaves the Samsung factory it is already simlocked. The codes we deliver, and so does every other website on the internet, are the 'Samsung Factory unlock codes'. The codes come directly from Samsung. Why? Because this source is fastest, most reliable and provides all level unlock codes (all 4).

But some operators go through all the trouble to CHANGE the unlock codes on every single phone they get from Samsung, thus making the genuine Samsung unlock codes not work anymore. Solution: there are so called 'provider unlock codes services', and if your phone is locked on any of the providers for which such a services exists (they are very limited) you can get your correct unlock code there.

And the last possibility (perhaps the dirtiest) is that some providers (mostly South America) purposely damage the software on the phone in fact breaking the 'unlock mechanism' on the phone making it impossible to unlock the phone. In Europe doing this would be illegal but in some parts of the world the rules and consumer rights are not that important apparently. The only solution to this is to change the whole firmware to a firmware which is not 'branded' by that particular provider.

So I hope this post has been useful for you, and now instead of directly screaming fire, murder, scam you can work with your unlock code provider to find a solution together

Let us know what you think!