Galaxy Sprint Unlocking FREE

Galaxy Sprint Unlocking FREE

by in website at November 7, 2014, 12:24 am

Regularly we get emails about unlocking Sprint / Verizon phones, we usually say Sorry but no.....

We always tell those people, we're sorry but your phone is not supported by any of our solutions, this is still true however @aalyatim from XDA-Developers now released a FREE APK Android App to unlock the phones.

A word of warning:
We are NOT in any way related with this app, and we have NOT tested it or checked the code. We suspect he does patching which is not a safe method for unlocking and will void warranty.

That said many people have already reported the app working. Some models reported working are:
SM-N900P Galaxy Note 3
SM-G900P Galaxy S5
SM-N910P Galaxy Note 4

Do NOT try this app with normal GSM phones!
Also phones with Android 4.4.2 are 'branded' where the operator changed the phone's modem firmware 'locking' it on a specific band making it useless to other operators. To fix this you will need to downgrade the phone.

The download link:
Click here to download

Let us know what you think!