Pre-Christmas weekend away - Gone snowboarding

Pre-Christmas weekend away - Gone snowboarding

by in website at December 11, 2013, 9:54 pm

Hi Guys, Starting Thursday 12 December 2013 until Monday 16th December 2013 support will be be delayed because of a long weekend in the snow with everybody.

We've been working hard like crazy the last couple months and soon the new launch of the website will go live. To be able to do this with 100% energy we decided we all need a break and hit the slopes. It is only for a few days but will give is all we need to do an awesome launch!

We'll try to respond to your support tickets as soon as possible but please understand that during this 1.5 working day and our weekend (I know normally we also always respond through the weekend) our responses are delayed. So please be patient, if you experience any problems like always please read all information on this site:
The Frequently Asked Questions
and most importantly the manuals (unlock & repair)

Please also remember: Samsung IMEI repair product is for advanced users only.

All the best and we'll talk Monday!
Your Team

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