All About Samsung IMEI Repair

All About Samsung IMEI Repair

by in website at April 24, 2013, 10:46 pm

Despite our best efforts we have noticed there is still a lot of confusion about how, what and also important -for whom- Samsung IMEI repair is.

If you need to repair your IMEI please carefully read this blog post.

First: our Samsung IMEI Repair product is ONLY for advanced users, we have been trying to communicate this clearly as best as we can but we still see people trying to do this without being even close to an advanced user. So here some clarification what we mean with 'advanced user':
You need to be able to do, understand and have experience in:
- Firmware flashing using Odin or MultiLoader
- Know what terms as 'modem', 'pda', 'baseband', 'odin', 'bootloader' mean and what they are
- Be able to use our Free Baseband Repair tool (BBRT)
- Installing drivers should not be any problem for you

If you never used Odin or Multiloader and you do NOT know what those different terms mentioned above mean do NOT attempt IMEI repair on your own. On that note we also have decided that we will NOT refund anybody who attempts IMEI repair and turns out to have no idea what they are doing and because of that they lost their credits. If you find out that you overestimated yourself on this knowledge and still have your credits we will refund but deduct 10 euro administration costs.

Then to be clear about the product you need:
Our product '1 x Samsung unlock by cable' is ONLY for unlocking and unfreeze repair - NOT for IMEI repair (also stated in the product description). To repair your Samsung IMEI you need '1 x Samsung Repair by cable' product.

Plan of attack for IMEI repair
1. Check if your firmware is still good by going to settings -> About phone. Check your values at baseband, kernel, build number. Then Type *#1234# and check values. If anything there is blank or 'unknown' it means it is damaged. If anything is damaged you need to full flash your phone
2. Now in case your baseband is damaged and / or your IMEI is NOT 0049xxxxx you need to do a EFS repair using BBRT tool. EFS repair files are available from our SRS download servers under the 'Special files' directory. If your EFS repair file isn't there that means you will need to create it yourself (and for that you need a working phone of the exact same model). Use method 4 from our free BBRT (Baseband Repair Tool) to repair EFS.
3. Now when your firmware is ok, your baseband is ok you most likely need to repair your SNR. Do this first. See manual on how do to this.
4. When SNR repair was successful you can now repair your IMEI.

If after full flashing and doing EFS repair and your baseband is still damaged, and / or your Modem / PDA values are still unknown or blank that means your phone has hardware damage. This can -of course- not be fixed by any software solution. Only option is to send phone back to Samsung.

Our apologies for being a little blunt but we are trying to protect people who want to attempt this from any deceptions in case their knowledge level is just not enough on this specific topic. If we could make all this super easy 1 click of a button we would, however that is just not possible with such an advanced topic as IMEI repair. We are the only solution in the world offering remote Samsung IMEI Repair as a stable working solution for a wide range of phones.

We are debating internally on perhaps offering a special limited 'done for you' service for IMEI repair where one of our team members will login on your computer using remote desktop software and with you run through the process. If you would be interested in this please contact us and let us know how much you would be willing to pay for this then we can talk about it.

I hope this provided you some clarification on this subject!
Best regards,

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