Warning about I9300 unlocking

Warning about I9300 unlocking

by in website at September 30, 2013, 3:58 pm

Hi Samsung Fan's!

All is back to normal and all outstanding tickets were answered yesterday (Sunday) evening by our amazing support team! Big ups to them.

We already announced this in our Twitter however we wanted to warn everybody about this here as well. Samsung has released some new firmwares that currently completely make it impossible to unlock AND downgrade the phone by cable. This is a pretty nasty new security which we don't like.

So if your firmware ends with MG2 or MG4 it can NOT be unlocked by cable (yet).

The good news is that we also offer Samsung I9300 unlock by codes which does still work and is able to sim unlock & unfreeze your Samsung I9300.

Also we released a 2nd awesome update in a short time. Details will follow soon!

Best regards,
SRS Team

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