Samsung unlock by codes Europe - Update

Samsung unlock by codes Europe - Update

by in updates at December 3, 2014, 4:11 pm

We just got word that Samsung has shut down a few of the Samsung unlock by codes services for Europe.

Currently ONLY '1 x Samsung unlock by codes All Europe Instant' is working. The other 2 slower services (Express and Normal) are not operational. We do expect them go come back but we do not know when this will be.

We've already updated the website so it doesn't show the 2 slower services anymore. In case you ordered unlock codes for one of the 2 slower services in the last 2 days and you received a 'Unlock code not found' email please contact our support. Your order was rejected because of this same reason, we'll upgrade your product for free so you can submit your IMEI again and get your unlock codes.

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