NEW & Exclusive: Samsung Unlock By Codes BACK

NEW & Exclusive: Samsung Unlock By Codes BACK

by in updates at January 10, 2015, 2:13 am

Unlock by Codes is back...

So after all Samsung unlock by codes services closed we have managed to get access to a few very exclusive new services!

The good news: we can start unlocking Samsung again in Europe, Argentina and the USA

The bad news: products are more expensive and still various regions missing (Canada, Asia, Australia, Middle-East etc).

We believe that in time more new services will come back and prices will drop in time as well, however in case you want to wait for that this could take a few months, just so you know. The new products that are working now are:
1_x_samsung_unlock_by_codes_Europe - delivery 1 - 12 hours
1_x_samsung_unlock_by_codes_East-Europe - delivery - 1 -24 hours
1_x_samsung_unlock_by_codes_Argentina - delivery 5 minutes
1_x_samsung_unlock_by_codes_USA - delivery 1 - 4 days

Go get your Samsung unlock codes Samsung Unlock by codes page

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