SUPER HOT: T-Mobile USA new models App unlock

SUPER HOT: T-Mobile USA new models App unlock

by in updates at July 12, 2015, 8:18 pm

We've just launched a super HOT new unlock service for T-Mobile USA!

As you might or might not be aware the new T-Mobile USA models such as the:
Samsung G386T Avant
Samsung G920T Galaxy S6
Samsung G925T Galaxy Edge S6

Do not request an unlock code (Network Unlock PIN) when you start the phone with a non-T-Mobile simcard. Instead these models could only be sim unlocking by first flashing the phone to another firmware (complicated) and then using the unlock codes or via the official T-Mobile 'Device Unlock' app specially created for these models by T-Mobile.

Now using our new service we have ability to mark these phones as 'eligible' for permanent unlock so YOU can sim unlock the phone simply by using this official app.

How it works:
1. You purchase our new T-Mobile USA Android Unlock app product
2. You get your SRS username and password in your email instantly after payment
3. You login to our system and submit your IMEI
4. It takes +/- 2 days for us to process the request (service doesn't run on Sunday), when your phone is ready for unlocking we will send you an email to your payment email
5. You install the 'Device Unlock' app by T-Mobile on your phone from the Google Play store (free app of course!)
6. You click 'permanent unlock' in the app and voila! All done!

Let us know what you think!