Samsung Unlock by codes - bad news!

Samsung Unlock by codes - bad news!

by in updates at May 23, 2014, 11:17 pm

Bad news update about Samsung Unlock codes services
We just received word that the delays are not just delays but it seems various services are down completely for the moment. Here is the full Monty:
Europe: All down - there is a 'Samsung Emergency' service running but this product is not available on the our website yet. We first want to see what is going to happen. This tool is expensive and not very stable at the moment.
USA: Regular and slow tool are down but, the Express and Instant tools are still working.

All customers with pending orders have been rejected (so you will get not found email) and we will refund these orders.

So currently best solution to unlock your Samsung is using our Samsung Remote unlock software.

Also just so you know, this problem is worldwide if other website says they don't have this problem they are lying.
More info to follow when we know.
Best regards,
UnlockSamsungOnline Team.

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