Samsung unlock by IMEI offline for 3-5 days!

Samsung unlock by IMEI offline for 3-5 days!

by in updates at August 11, 2016, 1:35 am

We were just informed that all Samsung unlock by code services are offline for 3-5 days. So if you order unlock by codes take this delay into account!

If you don't want a delay use our Unlock by cable services, that is still working as normal! And we've also had a huge update with many many new models (not all on the website yet) Just download the software and see if your model is present to be sure!

If you really need unlock by codes contact support and we can check if we have a service available via Provider codes.

All the best,
Your UnlockSamsungOnline Team

P.s. this is worldwide not just us.. so any site saying their Samsung services are running as normal are lying

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