Unlock by codes includes Region unlock code!

Unlock by codes includes Region unlock code!

by in updates at May 17, 2014, 11:31 pm

Region unlock code included
We've been experimenting with this for over a few weeks and all seems to be working very well! So we are happy to announce that our Samsung unlock codes services now also include the region unlock code.

When you receive our unlock codes by email you'll now have an extra code called 'Extra'. That unique 8 digit number is your Region Unlock code. If it is 00000000 that means it is already deactivated and you should not have any region lock on the phone.

There is only one but which we haven't figured out yet; in the situation your phone does NOT have simlocks but does have it's region lock activated we don't know if the region lock will be delivered when we do a look-up on your IMEI in the Samsung databases or if you get a 'Not found' result. If you are in this situation please contact support by clicking here and let's find out together. Obviously if the result comes back 'Not found' you'll get a full refund!

Finally a good & complete solution to get rid of that annoying region lock!
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Unlock Samsung Online Team

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