Huge update of new Samsung models!

Huge update of new Samsung models!

by in updates at September 22, 2014, 5:02 pm

Huge update of new Samsung models

We've just updated the website with a huge list of new supported models for unlocking by our software (unlock by cable). Some of these models have been available in the software for a while for beta testing and there are a lot of new brand new models as well.

Here is the list of new models:
Samsung E1200L
Samsung E1263
Samsung E1270
Samsung E1280
Samsung E2200
Samsung I8200
Samsung I8260E
Samsung I8350
Samsung P3110
Samsung P5110
Samsung P5200
Samsung S6790
Samsung S6812
Samsung S7390
Samsung S7580
Samsung SM G350
Samsung SM G900
Samsung SM G900H
Samsung SM T211

Happy sim unlocking!

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